Why has my WePay account been disabled?

You may have received an email from WePay that your account has been disabled. In the case of a disabled account, payments for activities and credit card refunds are unable to be processed. The email you receive will include the reason for disablement, but in most cases, a disabled WePay account is disabled for one of the following reasons:

1. Inactivity

If there is no activity within your WePay account for over 540 days, your account will be disabled. You may reactivate the account by logging in to your account and re-submitting your business details.

2. Incomplete account verification

Failure to complete the setup of your account, or providing invalid/unverifiable business information will result in the disabling of your WePay account for security or regulatory reasons.

An account will become disabled exactly 30 days after the first payment if no business or banking information is complete. If your account is disabled for this reason, all funds will be refunded -- this action is non-reversible.

It is important to complete the setup of your account as soon as possible after joining ActivityHero.

3. A long-term negative balance

When your WePay account balance has been negative for 30 days or more, your account will be disabled. To avoid the disabling of your account for a negative balance, be sure your WePay account is connected to a bank account that can cover refund amounts. ActivityHero also recommends setting your payment schedule to no less than weekly.

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