Will I receive a Form 1099-K?

Form 1099-K is automatically sent if you have a WePay account. This is required by the IRS. This is sent in the mail by WePay, usually in late January.

If you did not receive this in the mail, you can contact WePay Support

The amount reported in the 1099-K is the gross amount of credit card transactions. The amount that was deposited to you is lower, due to deductions from credit card refunds (if any), credit card fees and ActivityHero fees.

Most businesses typically deduct refunds from their income and categorize credit card and other fees as expenses. 

You will find a summary of refunds and fees paid in a report called "Credit Card Transaction Summary" in the ActivityHero Dashboard (go to Registration Reports, then choose Annual Report).

The amount "credit card & fees deducted" is the amount deducted from your registration payments made by credit card. The amount you received from registrations should be (credit card transactions) - (refunds) - (credit card & fees deducted).

The "Other ActivityHero Fees" amount includes fees that were paid directly to ActivityHero, such as setup fees and boost fees.

If you do not have a WePay account and you received payments from ActivityHero, you will not be sent a 1099-K form. Please use the reports above in this case.