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Getting started guide for activity providers

Now that you have accepted terms, you can start adding the activities that you want to promote on ActivityHero.

Create an activity
  • An activity is a camp, class or event. 
  • Find the Activity Manager by going to Activities & Sessions, then choose Activity Manager.

If there are past activities in your ActivityHero account, they will be shown on the page and you can add new sessions. Otherwise, you will see a screen to add a new activity, like this:



Follow the prompts to create your activity. You are first asked if this is an online or in-person activity. Either way, it's important to have the activity name include the best keywords that help the family know what type of activity it is. For example, "Summer Basketball Camp" or "Basketball Defensive Skills Clinic". The activity name is very short, but you can add more keywords in the activity description.


Add photos

You can upload photos from your computer or copy/paste the image URL. Landscape or horizontal photos work best, but you'll be able to crop your photos after uploading them.



Add sessions

To add sessions, click on the Sessions tab. Then click the "Add a New Session" button.

Follow the prompts to add information about your session, such as ages, dates, times and price. 


When you have completed all of the required information, you will see a button to publish the session. You can go back and make edits at any time.

If you have chosen to be paid by direct deposit and you haven't completed your WePay setup, you will not be able to publish the sessions. Here are instructions for finishing your WePay setup

Repeat steps 1-3 to finish adding all of your activities, photos, and sessions. Keep in mind that if you have multiple sessions of your activity, such as different weeks for your Summer Basketball Camp, you do not need to create separate activities for each week. You can add more sessions for the activity you already created. This will save you time and keep related items organized. 

You can copy sessions or import sessions to save time. 


Cancellation policies & Registration forms

During the checkout process, we want to collect all the required information to register for your activity. And we make sure that families have reviewed your cancellation policy and agreed to waivers before they complete payment. 

To add your cancellation policy and customize your registration form, go to Activities & Sessions, then choose Manage Forms & Policies.

Here, you can copy and paste your cancellation policy. If you have different policies for each type of activity, such as camps versus classes, you can create separate policies.


To further customize your registration form, see this help article


Review your Business Overview

Take a look at your business overview to make sure it's up to date. You can find this screen by going to Manage Listing, then choose Business Overview. 

You can also add a logo, business photos or video. 

After you have finished these 5 steps, your listing will be reviewed and if it's complete, it will start being promoted to ActivityHero families. You can preview what families will see by clicking the "eye" icon. 


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