How do I make a copy of an activity?


Copying an activity can make loading setting up your account go quickly. Especially if you offer a camp or class both in-person and online and would like to copy over information from the "Description" tab.

1. Choose the activity you'd like to copy and select the clipboard symbol to "Make a copy" of the activity.


2. A pop-up notice will appear, confirming that you want to continue with the copy. If the notes don't apply, click "Yes" and it will take you to the newly created activity.

3. Update the Activity Title and any other details necessary for the new activity.

4. Click the blue "Save & Continue" button on the right side of the screen. Now your new activity will show on the Activity Manager page of your dashboard.

Please Note: If you do not save the changes and you close out of the screen, the newly copied activity will not be created.