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On-Demand Subscription Service

How It Works

  • All public on-demand activities, from both Marketing and SuperHero providers, will be included in the ActivityHero On-Demand subscription priced at $9.99/month per household with 7-day free trial regardless of the price the activity is listed for.
  • Subscribers will still need to register for each On-Demand activity they want to view.
  • You will receive an email whenever someone signs up for one of your On-Demand activities.
  • You can review your On-Demand registrations through your provider dashboard. 


  • You will earn $2.50 for every registration you receive for your On-Demand activities.
  • Payments for on-demand revenue are paid through Bill.com after the month ends if your revenue is over $20. Amounts under $20 will carry forward to the next month.
  • If you have a materials fee, you will continue to collect those fees directly and be paid through WePay.  

Additional Features for SuperHero Providers

  • All public on-demand activities will be available in the ActivityHero marketplace under subscription.
  • Providers can choose to set any price for an activity to sell via the widget.
  • All public activities listed on the widget or shown on a branded activity page will show the specified price for that activity. If a non-subscriber wants to purchase, they will pay the specified price. If a subscriber wants to purchase, they will not pay as it is covered under their subscription.
  • A provider can choose to not include an activity in the ActivityHero marketplace and only sell it via the widget or branded activity page by making the activity private. Choose the private setting under the Description tab in your Activity Builder. 


MarketingHero Providers

  • MarketingHero providers cannot set a price for an on-demand activity. All activities are included under ActivityHero On-Demand subscription. To offer individually priced On-Demand activities through a widget or branded page, upgrade to SuperHero.