On-Demand Content FAQs

  1. How many videos can I add to each activity?
    • Each activity can have multiple sessions with one video each, if you are offering a series of videos for your program
    • Each session may contain only one video
  2.  How does pricing work?
    • Each Session is priced individually, using our standard price of $5, $10 or $15
    • Alternatively, you can offer your Session Content for free
    • If you ship materials, you can charge a required or optional materials fee
  3. How long are the videos and content available for access?
    • Purchasers are given access to the on-demand content for 90 days after their purchase date
  4. Can I offer a monthly subscription?
    • No, our on-demand platform does not support monthly subscription
  5. Can I offer a bundle pricing?
    • You can use our multiple session discounts to offer discounts on multiple sessions
  6. Can I host my videos on youtube, vimeo or other video hosting platforms?
    • No, all videos need to be uploaded and hosted on ActivityHero. This keeps your videos secure and prevents users from sharing the videos without registering. 
  7. Can I use a recording of one of my Zoom classes as an on-demand video?
    • We do not recommend uploading a live zoom class recording as is. A live online class is quite different from a self-paced instructional video. A recording of a live class will likely require a lot of editing. For example, if you are interacting with the children attending the live online class, those segments may not be appropriate for an instructional video. It may be worthwhile investing in creating a new video for on-demand delivery. Follow our video guidelines.