How do I create Activities and Sessions?

ActivityHero showcases your classes, camps, workshops and other programs as individual Activities. 

An activity is a camp, class or workshop that has a unique description and photo. 

A session is the date, times, ages, hours and price of an activity. You can have as many sessions for each activity, such as different weeks of a summer camp or different days and times of a ballet class. 


To create a new activity:

  1. Sign in to your ActivityHero account.
  2. Select "Activity Manager" under "Activities & Sessions" in the navigation bar.
  3. Click "Add an Activity" on the upper right of the screen.Screen_Shot_2017-06-07_at_11.36.28_AM.png
    Tip: You can also copy activities to speed up the process. For more info, visit:  "How do I make a Copy of an Activity"                                                                                                                                        
  4. Fill in the appropriate information. Tip: When naming your activity, make it short, yet descriptive. For example, "October Camp" doesn't describe the camp activity and there could be many camps with the same name on ActivityHero. A name like "October Art Camp" or "Autumn Inspired Art" gives families more information.

Occasionally, our staff may edit your activity name to add descriptors and help attract more families.


To add a new session for an activity:

  1. Sign in to your ActivityHero account.

  2. Select "Activity Manager" under "Activities & Sessions" in the navigation bar.Screen_Shot_2017-06-07_at_11.34.48_AM.png                                                     
  3. Click "Add Session" on the desired activity.
  4. Click "add a new session" on the top right.

  5. Follow the prompted steps to complete the session creation.

Once complete, this is how each session will appear to parents:



**SuperHero Customers will have access to insert hyperlinks into any text editing field in your activity listings, forms, or post-registration information by highlighting your preferred text, and clicking the links icon.