How do I customize my Registration Forms?

Set Up Registration Forms

Every activity requires a registration form that families will use to register for your activity. You can choose to use the default forms for in-person and online activities or customize your own forms.

When creating a new form, you can select from a list of standard fields available that you want the users to use. Additionally, you can create and add a list of custom questions that families will need to answer while registering.

You can access the forms menu from the dashboard dropdown Activities & Sessions > Manage Forms & Policies


Form Components

 Registration forms consist of the following components:

  1. Cancellation Policy:
    You can create one or more cancellation policies and assign them one or more registration forms.
  2. Waivers:
    You can create one or more waivers and assign them one or more registration forms. 

  3. Standard Registration Questions
    When creating a registration form, you can choose from a set of standard registration fields available to you. You can specify which of these fields are required for the user to complete their registration. You may also uncheck all boxes to order to skip asking these registration questions.

    Note: If you want the participant's age or grade to be checked during the registration process to make sure that it's a valid age/grade for your session, you must make date of birth or grade a required question.


Here's a preview of these registration questions:




4. Custom Questions
In addition, you can create your own custom questions that the user will answer while filling out the registration form. You can access this page via Activities & Sessions > Manage Forms & Policies > Custom Questions tab in the dashboard. You can create one or more custom fields and assign them one or more registration forms. 

Tip: you can request a file upload from families if you need vaccination records or a document uploaded. Supported format for file upload are pdf, image, doc, csv. Click here for more information.


Assembling the Form

Once all of the above components of the form have been created, you can assemble these components to create the form. Here are the steps:

Step 1: Create form and Assign cancellation policy & waiver

Step 2: Assign Standard Registration Questions

Step 3: Assign Custom Questions

Step 4: Order Custom Questions

Step 5: Preview Form
Once the form is set up with all the components as described above, you can preview the form and assign it to one or more activities.


Step 6: Assign the form to an activity on the Activity Description tab

  • Go to the Activity Description tab

  • Scroll down to field the field Registration Form

  • Select the form you just added. Users can now use this form to register for sessions for this activity.