How do I move participants from one session to another?

To change a participant's session:

  1. Under "Registrations & Payments," select "Registration Reports".
  2. Find the participant you wish to change, and click "Actions." Select "Change Session" to get into the editing screen.
  3. Change the session using the drop down menus. Note that you can move the participant into a session that is full, or waitlisted. 

*If you’re using custom questions on your registration forms, and if you have different questions on different sessions, this is something to take note of. When you move a participant from one session to another, you will see the questions associated with the new session. If the new session has custom questions that the participant hasn’t yet answered, you’ll easily be able to see what’s missing. If the old session had custom questions that are not asked on the new session, the participant’s answers will not be saved. You’ll only see the answers to the questions that you need for the new session.