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Add Additional Team Members to Your Listing

You can create separate accounts for each team member who manages your ActivityHero listing or needs access to your rosters. You can set up team members as Admins or Support.

  • The Admin role (full access) can access everything in the dashboard
  • Support role (limited access) can only access registration reports and rosters. The Support role can issue refunds, send emails, and do any of the actions normally found in registration reports.

To create a new user:

  1. Under "Manage Listing," select "Manage Your Team."

  2. Click the orange button to add a new user to your team
  3. Enter the information for the user and select whether you wish the user to have a Support role, or an Admin role. You can also choose which emails and notifications this user will receive.
  4. Select "Receive all registration related emails" if you want to send a copy of registration emails to this user. Select "Receive Periodic Updates from ActivityHero For Business" to subscribe the user to our ActivityHero emails specifically for providers. Select "Access Direct Messages from families" to allow this user to respond to direct messages from families.

  5. Select 'Send Invite'. The user will receive an email invitation to accept, which will allow them to access your ActivityHero dashboard. The new user has 24 hours to accept their invite.

  6. The user will appear on your Manage Your Team page with a red notification next to their email address until they accept the invitation. Once accepted, they will be noted with a green check.
  7. If you wish to change the first name, last name, email, or role type, select 'Edit', make your changes, and save. If you don't want to make a change, click 'Cancel'.
  8. If you wish to delete a user, select 'Edit' and 'Delete User'. Select 'Delete' on the confirmation notification.